William J. Meyer aka Bill Meyer aka Revamp Man 

He is a Self-Certified Revamp Artist

Revamp Man is where Art meets function and Imagination has no limits. Bill creates functional art with items that are broken, trashed or that can be up-cycled for a better and cooler purpose. He has always felt the need to work with his hands, challenge his mind and spend his time creatively. He says, "it’s a healing therapy where anything can happen. It’s a limitless freedom of expression and experimentation with stuff"

Bill’s creativity never stops. He always has 3 or 4 projects happening at the same time & 5 more in his head. 

Most of the time he is free-styling the builds and is never quite sure not sure where they will end up. 

Sometimes it involves learning a new skill or several new skills. 

He is amazed by what people throw out! He has always had an interest in objects that have reached the end of their original purpose. Bill’s creative awareness allows him to see their potential to be revamped into something else. He is Revamp Man! Expect Great Things! 

Revamp Man Lamps

Revamp Man lamps are meticulously hand crafted from mostly salvaged, neglected, road worn previously played musical instruments. No playable instruments were harmed in the process or the revamp. Depending on the instrument there may or may not be be some nicks, dings, scratches and more. This does not take away from the piece. It shows the character of its former life as an instrument. All pieces are signed ,numbered and built to last.

Available for commissioned work.

Contact: bill@revampman.com